"Every now and again a book enters your consciousness and its' wisdom forever changes your life. This is one of this books! Full of practical wisdom, Stepping into your Becoming will unleash a new found confidence in you that will allow you to stand in your authentic power and overcome all life's adversities. Apply this books' teachings to your soul and you will become unstoppable!"


— Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny, The Affluent Entrepreneur, and Boy Entrepreneur



“Love, loss, and even anger can motivate you to make a change and this book will show you not only how, but guide you on what to do next.”


— Jeff Bow, Life Coach and

Author of Stop Thinking, Start Believing



 "Take this journey with Nicole and step deeper into the consciousness of your self -- open up to greater personal transformation and the possibilities that your life can offer!”


— Lyla Berg, Ph. D. Keynote Speaker, Resiliency Consultant,

and Author of Leaving The Gilded Cage



“If you'd ever been through a change in your life, whether if be spiritual or not, you're going to want to get this book!”


— Luis De La Fuente, Author of

Life Lessons from the Lantern



“This book compiles the humanology and healing practices of many backgrounds, technologies, spiritual practices, and cultures to showcase many ways to transform oneself into a strong leader of self to guide others.”


— Jonathon Wong, MBA, M.ED, MPA, Author of

Succeeding In College and Life



“Let Nicole help you get further down the roads of life as she teaches that divine self love is the ultimate truth.  Jim R. Jacobs, LCSW author of Driving Lessons For Life: Thoughts on Navigating Your Road to Personal Growth.”


— Jim Jacobs, Author of Driving Lessons for Life



"Through her experience has pinpointed at the exact moment the perfect book for our times, yet it is timeless. Humanity needs this book now and it has arrived just in time!”


— Nora Young Author of Healing Effortlessly



“Stepping Into Your Becoming teaches how to be thankful, to experience living in the moment and to be grateful for all life situations.”


— Laurel Winston, Author of

Carrots Grow From Carrot Seeds



“I've done a lot of healing in my life, but this book taught me that I really wasn't ever really wounded to begin with once I learned how to shift my mind.”


— Jeremy Wallace, Author of

Taking the Scenic Route to Manhood



“I've been on a spiritual transformational path for years and this book took everything I've learned and transformed it into a more positive place.”


— Susan Ortolano, M.A., Author of Re-Marrying Right




"A dazzling journey with Nicole. Opening the mind and soul on the simplicity of walking a spiritual path mindfully and with ease.”


— Ila Barlean, Author of

Her Being



“Nicole has a strong connection to the spirit world—making her information authentic, insightful, and thought-provoking. The content she provides here will move you through life challenges into self-discovery and assist you in finding personal freedom.”


— David Armstrong, Author of

Messages From the Spirit World



“This book teaches one to open up to deep levels of love and happiness and guides one to empower a strong belief in self.”


— Brett Dupree, Author of

Joyous Expansion



“Stepping Into Your Becoming teaches that when you learn to open up to the voice within and live according to your own internal guidance, everything that is divinely guided will show up for you as it’s intended.”


— Natalie Kawai, Author of

Conversations With Mother Goddess



“Stepping Into Your Truth combines so many cultural and spiritual backgrounds together in one book that guides one into a place of transformation.”


— Sally Holmes Reed,  Co-Author of

The Change Book 1, Chapter 15, Channel Your Success